Steve Krieger, Director of The Goddard School in Blue Ash, Ohio
“WEBBY Dance Company has been a part of The Goddard School in Blue Ash, Ohio for the past ten years. Our students look forward to the arrival of the WEBBY Instructor to teach their weekly dance lesson. The program brings an extra-curricular activity to The Goddard School, which enriches the children’s education experience. In addition, the children are participating in a motor-skill activity, which enhances their physical well-being. Instructors are well-trained in positive language and the routines and music are age-appropriate. Parents love this convenient program,which allows them more free time to devote to other family activities.

Donna Robertson, Owner of Kids Gone Corporate in Saginaw, Texas
“WEBBY Dance Company is so convenient for our parents and our center. We have heard nothing but praise for Rhonda Lane and her WEBBY team. The children love their dance class and when the WEBBY Instructor arrives the room exudes excitement. The dancers performed at our Pre-K Graduation and it was a moment I will never forget! The dancers were so adorable it brought tears to my eyes.”

Debbie Pratts-Smith, Owner and Director of Primavera Preschool“We have had WEBBY Dance Company at Primavera Preschool for three years now and we’ve had a wonderful experience with the program. The dance teacher, Miss Hillary is very reliable, cheerful and always happy to be here. The children always look forward to WEBBY Dance Day.  They love the variety of props, musical instruments, dance routines and age appropriate music the teacher uses in the dance class. She is very professional, warm and caring with all our children. As a director, I like the fact that I don’t have any extra work when it comes to offering WEBBY Dance classes at my school. They take care of all the book keeping, attendance records and communication with the parents. It’s so easy for me! The highlight of the year is seeing the end of the year dance recital. The parents have been extremely pleased with the performance, and the children are overjoyed to be able to show their friends and family what they’ve been working on in dance class. We love having WEBBY Dance Company at our school, and would recommend it to anyone!”Primavera Preschool
13601 W. Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, Fl 33635

Marlene Kikta, Director of Crystal Cathedral Preschool in California
The Crystal Cathedral Preschool is blessed to have WEBBY Dance instructor, Noelle Carpenter, teaching weekly dance class to a group of our preschool students. Noelle is vibrant and demonstrates a real passion for working with this young age group. She is instilling in our students a love for music and movement. Our children have modeled her enthusiasm for dance and enjoy the new steps she is teaching them.


Christy Spack, Mother of Savannah Mascarenas, OH
“WEBBY Dance Company has been a part of my daughter, Savannah’s life for one year. She looks forward to the weekly lesson and “can’t wait” to get her feet into her dancing shoes. Savannah has grown in numerous areas, many attributable to her WEBBY dance classes. She sings and dances through the house, grocery store and any place else where space permits. With the convenience of the dance class being held at Savannah’s childcare center, we have extra time for other family activities.”

Jana Brindzik, Mother of Jolie, Janelle, & Jacie; Grandmother of Kailee, CA
“I am a parent of three daughters that all danced with WEBBY Dance Company. They started at the ages of 4, 3, and 2 ½. This definitely opened the way to each of them embracing dance throughout their lives. The eldest (now 26) was in dance in high school and still continues taking classes. She has always had a love for “Tap” which she learned through this program. The middle daughter joined dance in high school as well.The youngest is pursuing Ballet as her direction. Each one started at this company and learned to love dance! I now have a 3-year-old granddaughter who dances with WEBBY and she can hardly wait for “dance day”! I highly recommend this program!

Sabrina Hayes, Mother of Jayda Hayes
Many thanks for offering your services at Grace Brethren Preschool. I can’t tell you how much we working Moms appreciate you offering something of quality to our young Lovlies in a way that is convenient for us.
Jayda loves your class.