helen Helen Palma
North Cincinnati Franchisee
8216 Princeton-Glendale Rd. Suite 165
West Chester OH, 45014
Phone: (513) 668 – 3544
Fax: (513) 942-0707

Helen Palma started dancing while attending third grade in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. She was an assistant dance instructor in her teen years and continued advanced dance studies through high school and college. In 1975, Helen opened her first dance studio in Long Beach, California, which operated under the name of Weber School of Dance. In 1989, after moving back to her home state of Ohio, Helen established a WEBBY Dance Company Franchise in Fairfield, Ohio. Within the North Cincinnati, Ohio area, she is currently operating a dance studio and also maintains a large mobile business.

Liz Glenn
Dayton Franchisee
P.O. Box 41153
Dayton, OH 45441-0153
Phone: (937) 781-0969

Liz Kolp was born in Dayton, OH and studied several areas of dance and gymnastics throughout her childhood. She graduated from Wright State University with a degree in Early Childhood Education in 2007. In addition, Liz has coached and choreographed routines for several cheerleading squads throughout the Dayton area. Liz was a WEBBY Dance Instructor for four years prior to purchasing the Dayton and Columbus Franchises.

missy Melissa Teran
South Cincinnati
P.O. Box 711
West Chester OH, 45071
Phone: (513) 755-2480

Melissa Teran has danced most of her life, beginning at age five. She was an assistant Instructor at her mother’s dance studio and continued her teaching experience while attending Milliken High School in Long Beach, California. Melissa was on the Advanced Dance Team at Milliken, where she choreographed and taught routines for their many performances. In 1985, Melissa moved to Eugene, Oregon and started a WEBBY Dance Company which served 300 students. Moving back to Long Beach in 1993, Melissa worked at the WEBBY Dance Company Corporate Headquarters as the Office Manager. She is currently a Franchisee in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. Melissa is the daughter of Helen Palma, the founder of WEBBY Dance Company, and sister to Becky Weber, Corporate Owner of WEBBY Dance Company.