ms-vel Vel Green
Fort Collins Area, Colorado
2014 Fossil Creek Pkwy
Fort Collins, CO 80528
Phone: (970) 226-8573
Vel was born to dance, inspire, motivate and make everything more fun! Energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about what she does, Vel began a career in dance/cheerleading and fitness at the age  of 15, and she has built a professional resume’ that is a perfect fit for WEBBY Dance Company.
Vel was a California WEBBY franchise owner. She and her family relocated to Ft. Collins, CO in 2009. Since 2009, she has been the owner/director of The Cheer and Dance Connection. Building a reputation within the community, as the “best little cheer gym in town” and she is someone who knows how to grow a business with a unique community-centered business model.

With a desire to promote WEBBY Dance Company in Northern Colorado, she is pleased to open this new territory and she  would say that she has “missed my connection with WEBBY and I can’t wait to introduce and grow the business here in Colorado!”.

With a diversified background in dance/cheer/fitness performance and coaching, Vel’s emphasis is on providing a quality program at affordable prices and giving back to the community. At the heart of her professional goals and objectives she is commitment to two “special needs” dance-pom teams, a high school cheerleading try-out preparation program, a community cheer program offered through the City of Fort Collins, Cheer Central Suns Recreational Director and now a desire to get WEBBY Dance Company into pre-schools and childcare centers throughout Northern Colorado.

Vel’s family is number “one” in her life as she has 4 Beautiful Children, a grandson and a husband that she adores.