Our Program

WEBBY Dance Company® is a family owned and operated company that started as a dance studio and is now a franchised corporation.  We are confident that your students will benefit greatly from our program.

  • All Instructors are fingerprint cleared through the D.O.J. & F.B.I. and we carry our own Liability Insurance
  • We handle all enrollment, billing, forms, and bookkeeping
  • We will perform in Holiday Shows, Spring Shows, Graduations and other school events at no extra charge!
  • We have ongoing training for our WEBBY Dance Company Instructors with a library of hundreds of choreographed dance routines
  • Our Program is currently shared with over 7,000 students across the United States!!


A little history…

Helen Palma, the founder of WEBBY Dance Company®, opened her first dance studio in 1976, in Lakewood, California. A studio parent asked Helen if she would teach dance at her child’s preschool and she hesitantly accepted the offer. Helen recognized the convenience of this type of “mobile” program when she had 8 children immediately sign up for her first class. The children benefited from the enriching program at their childcare center, while school directors and parents appreciated the convenience of conducting classes on site. Hence, the idea of a mobile dance company was born.

The classes were an instant hit! Hundreds of children began enrolling and enjoying the action-packed classes. Parents as well as childcare providers praised Helen for her innovative program. Her winning philosophy was simple: “Have children experience the joys of self expression through fun and love in a nurturing environment.”

In 1990, Helen began expanding her creative dance program in Ohio, with the launch of WEBBY Dance Company®. Helen’s daughter, Becky Weber, continued developing the program in California and expanded the company with enormous growth on the west coast.

Ownership of WEBBY Dance Company® has been passed on to Becky Weber, who is now the President of this rapidly expanding corporation. This nationally recognized company currently has thousands of children, in hundreds of schools, across the United States with the reputation of “The BEST in mobile dance!”